Becoming Eco Partner provides your company or organization the opportunity to take concrete and positive action for the planet while improving your company’s image with your customers, suppliers and employees.

Partner benefits :

  • You take concrete action!
  • Your business becomes more planet friendly which raises your brand’s profile and helps to increase employee’s loyalty and customer engagement.
  • Your donations may be tax deductible (depending in the donation model).
  • Your company is endorsed as Eco Partner on our website.
  • You can publicize our partnership in your internal and external communication initiatives.

Choose your Eco Partner profile

Tree Planting Partner

We plant trees for an average price of INR 120 per tree.

3 levels of partnerships:

  • Standard: Minimum annual donation INR 12,000 – INR 1,20,000
  • Advanced: annual donation INR 1,20,000 – INR 4,80,000
  • Distinctive: annual donation above INR 4,80,000 customized partnerships

CO2 Offset Partner

We offset 1 tonne of carbon emission at a price range of INR 550 – INR 2500 depending on the type of certification required.

Ideal for organizations with specific CO2 offset targets or programs to become carbon neutral

Customized partnerships

Foundation Partner

Awareness program and reforestation of an entire region

Designed for companies and organizations to support their environmental initiatives

Customized partnerships

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