Happy Child Daycare Centre

There are 20 million children under 6 years, living in poverty, in urban India - at construction sites, on the streets, in the slums. Their parents work for a daily wage, without any benefits from employers or social security from the state or any access to childcare, healthcare and schools. The children, in their most foundational years, suffer neglect, abuse and deprivation from the essentials of developmental care.
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Safeguarding and Protecting Children in the Early Years

EarlyAction developed a model for childcare, for young children of marginalized communities, in the form of day care centres at a place of work, a construction site, or in a settlement, in an urban slum.

A Happy Daycare Centre is a facility which enables parents to leave their children while they are at work and where children are provided stimulating environment for their holistic development. These Centers are designed to provide group care to children, usually up to 6 years of age, who need care, guidance and supervision away from their home during the day.


I. To provide day-care facilities for children (6 months to 6 years) of working mothers in the community.
II. To improve nutrition and health status of children.
III. To promote physical, cognitive, social and emotional development (Holistic Development) of children.
IV. To educate and empower parents /caregivers for better childcare.

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