Home and Education for abused children in India

We are providing home and education to abused homeless children with care, food, clothing, recreation, and psychosocial support, with love and through a life skills program. The program is planned to provide home and education to 50 abused children living in Delhi slum areas, railway lines and under flyovers. These children, victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse, suffer from malnutrition and lack of care and love. With your support, we will be able to accommodate more children to have a home and positive experiences that help them grow and become good men in the society.
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Last year, a survey conducted by the Delhi Commission for Protection for Child Rights (DCPCR) across the national capital had identified over 70,000 children who were found to be in ‘street situation’. Most, according to the survey, were either found engaged as labourers in factories and stalls or found begging or indulging in substance abuse. Working street children are most vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Employers force these children to work for long hours, without food, without providing any safety equipment, and for abysmally low wages as the children are not aware of their rights. Worse, studies have shown that boys and girls on the street are particularly vulnerable to sexual abuse by strangers, adult street dwellers.

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