Mother Plant Selection and Maintenance

Mother Plant Selection and Maintenance

Mother plant is the most important factor of plant nursery. Mother plants provide bud sticks and scions for budding and grafting operations.

Criteria for Selection of Mother Plants

1. Mother plants should be vigorous, healthy and high yielding. It should have a regular bearing habit.

2. It should be free from pests, diseases and viruses.

3. The mother plants must necessarily be genetically pure and superior in quality. They must be obtained from Registered Farms, Agriculture Universities or Government Nurseries.

4. The purchase receipt of mother plant should be preserved to prove the origin and authenticity of the mother plants.

5. Mother plants should be selected corresponding to the regional demand of the nursery plants.

6. Ornamental mother plants are planted under protected conditions either under shade net or semi-shade conditions.

Planting of Mother Plants

Proper selection is very necessary for mother plants. By considering its quantitative and qualitative characters, mother plants are selected and planted in nursery. They are planted according to the recommended planting distance. Care should be taken that the mother plants attain optimum vegetative growth. Mother plant plantation must be well classified according to the types and varieties. Ornamental mother plants are planted under poly house or shed nets.

Some Important Mother Plants and their cultivars for Maharashtra and South India.

1MangoKeshar, Alphonso, Sindhu, Ratna
2SapotaKalipatti, Cricket ball
3GuavaSardar (L-49)
4PomegranateGanesh, G-137, Bhagawa
5BerUmran, Kadaka, Sannur, Punjab Chouhara, Mehrun
6Cashew nutVengurla – 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
7CoconutBanavali, T X D, Pratap
8GrapesSonaka, Sharad Seedless, Thompson Seedless
9FigPoona fig, Dinkar
10AonlaBanarasi, Krishna
11Sweet orangeNucellar
12Mandarin OrangeNagpuri

Maintenance of Mother Plant

Mother plants are very important constituent of a nursery. The success of any nursery depends greatly on the health and vigor of its mother plants. It is therefore necessary to obtain genetically sound mother plants to produce healthy and vigorous offsprings. Not only is the selection of mother plants necessary but proper care and maintenance of these plants is also essential to obtain vigorous and healthy growth. This can be achieved by taking appropriate care. Mother plants are irrigated regularly. Manures and Fertilizers are given at proper stages. Diseases and pests are controlled by spraying fungicides and insecticides. After care and all operations are carried out so as to get healthy and vigorous bud sticks. First dose of manures and fertilizers is given in June – July. Second dose is given in September – October. Reproductive growth is strictly avoided. Only vegetative growth is permitted and maximum bud sticks are produced. Mother plants are kept healthy by regular testing of the plant material for viruses and other organisms. Register record about parents, pedigree and bearing habit is kept in office.

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