Role of Nurseries in Horticulture Development

Role of Nurseries in Horticulture Development

Production of Genetically Pure Nursery Stock

Genetically pure planting material is essential for healthy and vigorous plant growth. Both stock and scion should be genetically pure. The planting material should be satisfactory in quantity and quality and easily available for further multiplication.

Export of Nursery Stock

Globalization has improved the chances of export of quality planting material to other countries. Special techniques and care is required for exporting the nursery material. Similarly, great care is necessary while importing nursery material from outside.

Employment Generation

There is a huge demand of skilled professionals for grafting, budding, potting, repotting and other nursery operations. Nursery provides employment opportunities for technical, skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled labor. Nursery can itself be a very remunerative enterprise in the changing national scenario.

Role of Nurseries in Dry Land Horticulture

Like India, there are many countries in this world, which face droughts every other year. Growing drought tolerant fruit crops provide assured income to farmers. Horticultural plantations play an essential part in afforestation and thereby help to reduce the global warming.

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