Empowering Nonprofits

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    We believe nonprofits change the world This takes vision, passion, hard work—and money. For decades, we’ve partnered with nonprofits to execute cutting-edge strategies that not only yield record-breaking results but inspire and engage entire communities.

    OUR MISSION To build the capacity of nonprofits so they can make positive change in their communities.

    Individual Individual Members enjoy access to education, training, fundraising tools, and consulting with discounted pricing, plus networking opportunities with community leaders and policy makers.

    Organization Access to information, education and leadership that advance the interest of nonprofits and the communities we serve. We offer tools like professional development training, consulting and collaboration.

    Business The Nonprofit Partnership is an essential resource for organizations committed to transforming the communities they serve. As part of our mission to empower and support the success of nonprofits, we offer memberships that come with a range value-added benefits.