Society Registration in Haryana

Society Registration in Haryana

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    Overview of Society Registration in Haryana

    Haryana Registration and Regulation of Societies Act, 2012 lays down certain procedures for the sake of society registration & operation. This act was implemented with the purpose of augmenting the legal stipulations of society registration for the advancement of literature, fine arts, science or distribution of awareness for bountiful purposes.

    Any seven or more persons associated for any of the purposes mentioned hereunder, may, by subscribing their names to a Memorandum and filing the same with the District Registrar, form themselves into a Society.

    Name of the society

    Societies not to be registered with undesirable name.

    (1) No Society shall be registered with a name which contravenes the provisions of the Emblems and Names (Prevention of the Improper use) Act, 1950 (Central Act 12 of 1950).

    (2) Except with the previous approval of the Government in writing, no Society shall be registered by a name which contains any of the following words, namely: –

    (i) Co-operative or Land Development;

    (ii) Reserve Bank;

    (iii) Union or State or National or International or Universal or any word expressing or implying the sanction, approval or patronage of the Central Government or any State Government; and

    (iv) Municipal or Chartered or any word which suggests or is calculated to suggest connection with any municipality or other local authority.

    (3) No Society shall be registered in the State under a name which is identical with or too nearly resembles the name of any other Society or any body corporate which has been previously registered under the Act or incorporated under any other law for the time being in force, as the case may be, except where the Society in existence is in the course of being dissolved and signifies in writing its consent to registration of such name.

    Procedure pertaining to Registration of Societies

    Name approval of society
    Registration of Society upon approval of name
    Documents for Registration of Society in Haryana

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