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    What is Sole Proprietorship?

    A Sole proprietorship is a business, owned, controlled and managed by a single individual. A Sole Proprietor reaps the financial rewards and is responsible for all risks and liabilities while conducting the business. It is suitable for individually managed occupations like salons or small retail shops.

    Advantages of Sole Proprietorship

    Swift decisions – A sole proprietor has complete responsibility in terms of making business decisions. It results in faster decision-making for the business as there is no need to consult multiple parties for every minor issue.

    Confidentiality – A sole proprietor can keep all business-related information to themselves as the business’s only decision-maker. The law does not bind them to make the accounts of a sole proprietorship public.

    Profit-sharing – A sole proprietor has complete ownership of profits arising from business operations. They are not obligated to share profits with anyone else.

    Fulfilment – Since a sole proprietor is responsible for both risks and rewards of their business, even a minor success can give a greater feeling of pride and satisfaction than other business forms.

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